Skyline Pilates - Lake Point Tower - Chicago, IL
"I have been a Pilates student for over 4 years in the Atlanta area. I started Pilates just as I turned the big "50". Pilates transformed my body more than any other form of exercise I had ever encountered. Last year I had just recently relocated to the Chicago area and Pilates took a back seat. Coincidently I developed bursitis of my right hip. I immediately sought a variety of remedies and found Adero at Skyline Pilates. Adero is the MOST experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated instructor I have ever met!"

"Let's face it being over 50 has it moments, but Adero's superior abilities as a Pilates instructor allows me to meet those challenges, looking and feeling my best everyday and counting."

"Thank you, Adero" – Diane Lee
"For me, Pilates is more than exercise. I am a 53 year-old mother of four with a busy law practice and Pilates with Adero offers me a refuge from my hectic life. It is a tranquil, beautiful environment where I can regroup and revitalize -- a haven for the spirit. But the physical rewards are substantial. I have been working with Adero over the past three years and have improved my posture and increased strength in my core: I can feel it when I get up from a chair, ascend a flight of stairs, or bend over to pick something up from the floor. When I leave my Pilates session, all my aches and pains, in mind and body, are soothed away. It has been a wonderful addition to my exercise routine." – Margaret McCormick, Lawyer
"I would recommend Adero and Skyline Pilates to anyone who is interested in learning Pilates, and changing their body. I have been going to Adero for nearly two years, and my body has completely changed. Not only do I look better (I dropped a full size), but also more importantly I feel better. My whole body is stronger and more flexible, and my posture improved so much that I even grew a half-inch! Adero is a dedicated and talented instructor, who has motivated me to be consistent with my workout routine even on those days when I otherwise would not feel like working out. Each lesson is so different that I never get bored or burned out. Now I am 7 months pregnant, and I have continued my usual Pilates routine throughout my pregnancy. Thanks to Adero, I have been able to keep up my strength and flexibility throughout my pregnancy, with full confidence that I am working with an experienced and careful instructor. I know that thanks to Adero, I will be back up to full speed, and back in my old clothes, soon after my baby arrives." – Allison Hammer, Lawyer
"As they say: The proof is in the pudding! I feel like I could be a walking advertisement for Pilates. After exercising fairly regularly most of my adult life (some 20+ years), I can honestly say that I had never experienced as dramatic an improvement in my body's appearance or ability to move as I did after starting Pilates. It still amazes me that I had muscles that I never knew existed, let alone were never worked during any of the other types of exercise regimens I did. For me, the dramatic change in my body tone and the increased flexibility are why I became a "believer". At the same time, while Pilates has done truly amazing things for my body, I believe that finding Adero, who is knowledgeable, experienced and legitimately trained, is critical." – Lorrayne Weiss
"Adero via her Pilates instruction and coaching has transformed my body. She offers a Program that healed my injuries, reformed my posture, and increased my mobility and balance. Gave me a RENEWED lease on life. MOST body looks and feels longer, stronger and more graceful."
Jan Spengel, 67 years old, Working Full Time as a Healthcare Recruiter.
"I used to think that Pilates was just a bunch of stretching exercises that could never compare to the regular exercises that I did at the gym, which included weight lifting, circuit training, etc. When I moved to Chicago over a year ago, I gained about 8 to 10 pounds, so I was actually working out about 4 to 5 times a week. I then saw an advertisement in the gym for Skyline Pilates. Just out of curiosity I decided to try it. I have to admit I did try exercise tapes for Pilates, but it didn't do anything for me. After my first session, I discovered muscle soreness I've never experienced with just my regular workout. Pilates actually worked out the important smaller and deeper core muscles that my weight training couldn't reach.

After a few sessions with Adero I was hooked. I actually sweat and my heart rate shoots up. I was extremely surprised that I actually slimmed down a dress size. Best of all, I'm not bulky which I used to get from weight lifting but still have strength, my posture improved, and I'm more flexible. My body looks more elongated and slim and I'm definitely happy with it. All this in less than a year, which is why I would highly recommend for anyone to try a session with Adero."
Michelle Ortiz-Hipolito, Registered Nurse