Skyline Pilates - Lake Point Tower - Chicago, IL
Today, doctors and physical therapists increasingly recognize Pilates as a valuable form of therapy. Doctors and many other medical professionals prescribe Pilates to relieve pain, speed recovery from surgery or injuries, aid recovery from stroke and other neurological events, and even to avoid surgical procedures. Pilates has become an invaluable tool for improving the general health of those suffering from a chronic illness, systematic disability, or weak pelvic floor as a form of movement education and fitness training.

The Pilates Method of body conditioning strengthens, lengthens and balances musculature around the spine as it aligns and decompresses injured vertebrae, helping to relieve nerve and disc pressures. This decompression facilitates and stimulates healthy circulation to the damaged spinal tissue. Pilates also helps spinal issues such as herniated or degenerated disks, sciatica, unstable sacroiliac joints, scoliosis and arthritis.

Pilates gently and safely guides injured bodies through precise movement – a technique that works to re-pattern ineffective, often destructive, movement habits. Pilates is designed to strengthen weak tissue, stretch tight muscles, balance asymmetries, and generally give you back "the natural health you were born with."

Pregnant women have found that Pilates helps them develop good breath control, carry their pregnancy more comfortably, and strengthen their bodies for a smoother delivery and a faster return to their pre-pregnancy body shape, stability, and fitness. Pilates is also unparalleled as a postpartum fitness regimen.

Pilates tones muscles and balances muscular forces at the joint, and it stimulates circulation by teaching you how to achieve deep healthful breathing, proper muscular flexibility, full joint range of movement, and correct alignment. The strengthening, posture-building impact of regular Pilates workouts helps your body ward off future strain. In addition, the mind-body unity, essential to the Pilates Method, leaves you centered, rejuvenated and relaxed. Pilates is an effective way to recover from the everyday effects of strain, stress and tension.

Skyline Pilates believes Pilates benefits persons of all ages and fitness levels and conditions. Your Pilates practice will continue to mature with time as you return to "the natural health you were born with."