Skyline Pilates - Lake Point Tower - Chicago, IL
Second-generation Joseph Pilates disciple and teacher Adero Stamer presents the original apparatus workout, placing particular emphasis on the fundamentals, including breathing, lengthening and aligning. Skyline Pilates uses the classic equipment and exercises in combination with specific rehabilitative, strengthening, toning and movement work.

Unlike any other experience, Skyline Pilates connects one with life, health, meaning and purpose. More than a workout or exercise program, Skyline Pilates offers a place where you can appreciate the moment, the senses, and the serenity that brings life into balance.

Skyline Pilates is a luxurious, intimate, exclusive, life-enhancement, health and healing center. Committed together with a passionate team, we inspire and design individualized fitness programs essential to your personal goals and fitness level. We provide a holistic response to your need for mindfulness, self-awareness, stress-reduction, health, healing, and life-enhancement services and total experience.

Whether you are just getting started, expanding your personal fitness program, or interested in a complete solution under the compliance of exercise science, our commitment begins with your goals. Our highly qualified teachers develop programs essentially suited for our full range of client needs, from post-rehabilitation patients to fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes. Our Pilates programs have benefited persons of all ages and fitness levels. Your Pilates program can continue to grow and change with you over the decades.

Come, relax, rejuvenate and take in our inspiring programs designed around you.